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Guidelines for authors

Submitting Texts

The articles should be original, that has never been published (there will only be allowed articles published in original version, that means translation to Portuguese). Texts must be submitted using OJS Platform (http://revista.ibdt.org.br/index.php/RDTA/login).


Articles should be written in the following languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

By the other hand, it is allowed the use of Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian or German languages when writing articles as a second language referring to title, abstract and keywords’ article.

Authorship Identification of Research Papers

The authorship or co-authorship identification should be done within OJS Platform’s. Though the file related to the article cannot have any kind of authorship identification, which will be included after the work being approved.

If the article is accepted, an author must include authorship and also co-authorship. One must also mention academic degrees, master or PhD or even additional degrees. Mentioning a professor status should be restricted when he/she remains in the university (graduate, postgraduate; stricto sensu). Thus, such academic title degrees will be mentioned, for instance, PhD in Law and Economics at the University of São Paulo, master’s degree in Public Law at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, adjunct associate professor at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. There will not be accepted article mentioning bachelors’ degrees or invited professors at specialization courses.

One only accepts references when the author is a postgraduate stricto sensu student (for instance, admitted to a PhD Law degree program at Universidade de São Paulo or a Law master degree program at Universidade de Brasília).

Job titles will be mentioned with no workplace details. One only allows mentioning origin’s state (such as São Paulo or Minas Gerais) or country (such a foreigner author). One will allow mentioning, for instance Lawyer in São Paulo, Judge at Minas Gerais, State Attorney at Rio de Janeiro, Federal Judge at Salvador. Nevertheless, one will not allow job titles such as: “Lawyer at Castanhas e Castanhas Office”, “Federal Judge at 3rd Vara Especializada da Previdência de Juazeiro do Norte”.

Guidelines for Scientific Papers

Articles should include: the title in two languages (Portuguese/English, for instance), an abstract in two languages, keywords in two languages, introduction, problem proposals, conclusion; bibliographical references should come in the end of the article. In brief, articles should follow ABNT guidelines. However, citing references should be done using footnotes system (do not use “author-date” system). Further formatting rules are available at Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Tributário (IBDT) site: www.ibdt.org.br.

Further questions for submitting an article can be sent to publicacaordta@ibdt.org.br.

Dúvidas sobre o procedimento de submissão e avaliação podem ser encaminhadas para: publicacaordta@ibdt.org.br.

Best regards,

RDTA Editorial Board.